Perfectionism…Letting Go is Okay

I have been working at one library quite a bit recently.  In this library I particularly like the Children’s area…usually. I don’t know if it was the full moon, scheduled to appear the day after, or the impending storm that made the barometric pressure out-of-whack, or my headache that I just couldn’t quite get rid of, all of which, have an effect on children. But it was a trying day.

All I wanted was a simple “ready reference” question, where the patron would come up and tell me the exact (even close would have been great) title of the book they were looking for. Instead, I got weird question after weird question. You know the kind, the ones where you never really get a satisfying answer, the ones where you are left telling them your best guess.

Those are difficult days to be sure, but perhaps lessons can also be learned from these days. Without a cell phone currently (mine died a few days ago) I was forced to think about the day on my way home. On these days we learn that we do not know everything. Sometimes we need to enlist the help of those around us. And sometimes it makes you feel better to know that the help that we enlist cannot find an answer either.  These days we just need to give up on perfection, and settle with the fact that at least we tried.


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